24Nov 2020

How to distinguish face mask quality grade? With the serious spread of COVID-19, the face mask have become a necessary of life, buying a qualified mask becomes especially important. Do you know how to distinguish mask quality grade? At present, there are two main criteria to distinguish mask quality: European standard and American standard.  Today, […]

23Oct 2020

Through this video, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of our factory. Xiantao Yinhong mainly produce disposable face mask, mob cap, bouffant cap, shoe cover, isolation gown, coverall. Welcome email us or visit us! factory video

03Aug 2020

XIANTAO YINHONG mainly produce non woven face mask, mob cap, bouffant cap, isolation gown, coverall and shoe cover. Delivery time is 5-15 days.

11Dec 2019

Positive comment about disposable face mask This is our client from Cambodia, who always purchase 3 ply disposable face mask from us. He is very approving with our products and service. Xiantao Yinhong mainly produce non woven face mask, mob cap, clip cap, round cap, visitoe gown, sleeve cover, shoe cover and coverall.  

04Dec 2019

SABER Saudi Arabia How to apply for the SABER Saudi Arabia? SABER including PC and SC. Step 1: Importer Account Registration The importer logs in to the SABER official website for information registration (https://saber.sa/), and needs to provide an email address, importer’s business license number, Arabic mobile phone number, identity information, etc., and obtain an account […]

11Nov 2019

How to calculated the weight of non-woven fabric (2) Second, weight and thickness Since there are length and width, is there a thickness unit? Yes, the gram is used to calculate the thickness, gram, is the square gram weight. But why does g/m^2 not use millimeters? In fact, it is also useful Millimeter, but very less to used, […]